Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle

This new sport is growing in popularity day by day. Martinhal Bay offers a protected harbor area that is perfect for enjoying SUP, combining the natural beauty with local historic architecture.

This modern Sport is expanding day by day and here in the bay, it find a safe harbor for their development, combining the natural beauty with the historic symbolism of the region.

The bay of Martinhal guarantees the best Windsurfing conditions in Europe allowing people of all different abilities to enjoy this fantastic sport. With 300 days of sunshine and even mild water temperatures in the winter month with about 15°C Sagres is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful spots in the Algarve.

Surrounded by the nature park Costa Vicentina and close to the traditional village of Sagres with its famous night live and surfing lifestyle it is a must visit for any windsurfer.

Steeped in Maritime history Sagres offers a unique unspoilt location in which to enjoy Windsurf, SUP and kayak activities. Here you can learn quickly and safely with a friendly team for support. Get acquainted with our beautiful coastline today.

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